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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where's My Tax Rebate!!

I've been looking for our stimulus check to appear in our checking account.

I should have gotten it by now, according to the IRS schedule for when the checks would be deposited. We filed before April 15, we had our refund electronically deposited, and, based on my ssn, our check should have been deposited starting May 9.

So, where's our stimulus?

I will be getting in by snail-mail st the end of June because I chose to pay for our tax processing fee using the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, and allowing them the deduct my tax processing fee and electronic filing fee out of the proceeds of our tax refund. If I would have paid for the fees with a credit card, we would have our stimulus check now.

I don't understand the explanation, but here it is:

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Bob said...

Troy and Jodie... The bottom line is that the IRS decided that those who used a third party bank to process their refund (or who received a refund anticipation loan, which TurboTax does not offer) would receive their rebate by check. This affected not just TurboTax customers who used Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, but all competitors and tax stores. Basically, the IRS does have bank account information for all these taxpayers because the bank used their own accounts for processing the refund. We, too, wish we known about this ahead of time so we could have alerted all customers to this situation.

Bob Meighan
VP, TurboTax