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Saturday, February 07, 2009

It wasn't 100-0...but it could have been...

E's 7th grade basketball from Portland Christian played another private school on the westside the other day.

Jodie and I got there early, before the boys arrived on the bus. A large campus, like a small college. We were wandering around in Jet White trying to figure out where to park. A groundskeeper was driving a mule, or a rig like it. We asked him where the gym was. He told us to go back to the entrance and take the road to the right. He decided to turn around and lead us.

There was a small parking lot behind the gym...with a perfect disabled parking spot for Jet White. He waited for us to get out so he could point us to the right door. Very nice guy...saved us a ton of walking!

We went into the gym. We watched the other team warm up. I told Jodie "These kids could beat our kids in a college bowl, but not on the basketball floor."

"Shh!," Jodie said, as if I was going to jinx the game for our boys.

Our boys did one full court press before our coach called them off. We made out 20 points in the first quarter as the coach had wanted I think

The other team scored 4 in the first half. We were cheering for the other was hard not too. I think our early aggressive defense scared the other team. They could not make a basket. It was kind of sad to watch.

In the second half, our boys were told to pass the ball five times before taking a shot. Our boys played very soft for much of the game.

52-6 was the final score. Of note: E went to the free throw line for the first time this year, and he was thrilled to have made one of his shots. He also played very strong in the post, and he scored 13!

On our way out, one of the coaches praised E's play, and said that the team had done their best to avoid the "Texas" situation.

We figured so.

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