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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Legitimacy to the new media...

I am a HuffPo junkie.

Obama and the Huffington Post Question Spark More Questions - TIME: "Change in Washington comes in increments, and a door was cracked open on Feb. 9 when, in the first official press conference of the Obama Administration, the President took a question from a reporter who writes only for a Web outlet. Admittedly, said outlet was the Huffington Post (or, as it is called for short, the HuffPo), so the reporter was unlikely to throw a curveball. Nevertheless, the President, and with him the whole White House media shop, has crossed a Rubicon of sorts, acknowledging the equivalent legitimacy of an unapologetically unobjective media outlet, which lives nowhere but the Internet and which didn't even exist four years ago. (President Bush took questions from a 'Jeff Gannon,' but he was later found not to be a real Web journalist, nor a real Jeff Gannon, so he doesn't count.)"

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