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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Another milestone - a newly licensed driver in the family

For 16 years I have been driving the little guy to daycare at grandma's, or to school. A year ago Eric got his driving permit, so we switched seats in front.

Yesterday morning he took his driving test here in Gresham....8 o'clock...first thing in the morning. His driving tester was named Mary. When he got back, all the other workers in the DMV wanted to know how Eric did. They were surprised..."You got a 95% from Mary?" They said that Mary was the toughest tester in the office.

Eric drove us to McD's for some breakfast, then he dropped me off at work and drove our Sprinter to a friend's house. There can't be too many 16 year-old's out there who drive Sprinters. We are still trying to figure out the vehicle situation. He wants a truck...something about boys and trucks.

Last night I had Eric pick Jodie up at work, then come get me at my office, then we drove and picked up his friend, yes, the girl type, and I drove them to the bowling alley.

Today Eric drove us to the Beaverton Olive Garden for a birthday celebration with my side of the family. On the way home, Jodie wanted to stop to buy Eric some new duds for the homecoming banquet next Saturday. It was nice to be able to tell Eric to drop me off at home and just have him and Jodie go.

Our "Little Guy" is now 6'4". I still can't believe it!

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