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Friday, February 24, 2012

A little pot for my pain?

Yesterday I had just left the doctor's office and I was headed to our van.  No disabled spots had been available, so I parked on the far end of the lot to give me more backup room for my big rig.

I was walking down the long breezeway with my walker, doing my wild man walk.

A woman walked up and gave me her card.  Happens all the time, what can I say.

"Do you smoke?"

""  I didn't tell her about the Swisher Sweets I use to smoke with Dan up on the forest roads in our college days.

She gave me a card that says: "Medical Cannabis Community OMMP Resource Center".  It also has a website:

She proceeded to tell me the virtues of medical marijuana, that it would really help me, but that doctors would not tell me that.

I think medical marijuana is fine for people in pain.  Bad pain can destroy your disposition.  If a little pot helps, where's the harm.

Marijuana for me?  I wondered if she thought it would help with my wild man walk?  Even if I were at home with no where to go I would be afraid to use it because when I had to walk somewhere, like the bathroom, I might be too stoned to safely get there.

Plus, the woman has not seen what one beer does to me.

Anyway, it made me laugh.

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